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Kettler Skylon 2

Kettler Skylon 2

Producent: Kettler
System hamowania: elektromagnetyczny
Waga urządzenia: 60 kg

The Kettler elliptical cross trainer Skylon 2: the beginner model of the Skylon series The Skylon 2 of the modernised Skylon ellitpical cross trainer series of Kettler is the direct successor of the Skylon 1.1. An easy training control, a smooth concentric run, and the very valuable mechanics characterise the Skylon elliptical cross trainer. Ergonomic concentric run, 18 kg balance mass system The Kettler elliptical cross trainer Skylon 2 is equipped with an 18 kg balance mass system, which offers good ergonomics and a smooth concentric run. The elliptic movement of the Skylon 2 supports the joint-gentle course of motion and protects the ligament and joint system of the body. The arm levers offer many grip possibilities thanks to their curved shape and offer every user the possibility to ta...