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Rexel Auto+ 750X

Rexel Auto+ 750X

Producent: REXEL
Pojemność kosza: 115 l
Szerokość wejścia: 230 mm
Funkcje: cięcie zszywek, niszczenie kart plastikowych, cięcie płyt CD
Rodzaj cięcia: ścinki

Spend 98% less time shredding, save time and money with Auto Feed shredders. This large office shredder - ideal for over 20 users - shreds up to 825 confidential sheets automatically in to approx. 400 4x40mm pieces each (P-4). With the Auto+ 750X shredder you do not need to stand and feed it, or even remove staples or paper clips first. It has an automatic feed and a 115 litre bin so you can load up to 825 A4 sheets and leave it to get on with the job.\n\nAward-Winning Technology\n\nStack, shut, done. Auto Feed means no more standing at the shredder. The Rexel Auto+ 750X shreds 750 sheets at the touch of a button, saving you over 15 minutes of your time versus traditional shredders.\n\nHigh Security\n\nShreds paper into cross-cut pieces for extra peace of mind (P-4 security level)....
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